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Descion time

There comes a time in your life, well my life, when you have to ask the big question, do I have what it takes to write a book ?
The imagination, the dedication, and the skill.
Can I write one that other people will not only read, but pay good money for ?
Why on earth would I do this, when slobbing in front of the tele is so much easier ?
When I see Lawrence LLewellen Bowen, I realise my ego is not that large.
I Know Dan Brown has made a few bob, and I also know that it a rarity to do so.
So why should I waste my time, energy, and money writing something no one will want to read ?
Is it because I want to ?
If I decide to, it will have to be whole hearted.
Or maybe just a chapter, see if anyone else can decide for me.
I shall be busy for a while.


I think if you want to do it, you should just go ahead and do it. Be brave enough to say damn the consequences! Also accept that you are probably no good, but be determined to make yourself better, by reading and learning about your craft. Fight to get off the beaten path.

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