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Depression VII

I wish I could say things are getting better; my wife has made progress in her recovery, although she still has a long way to go. Just getting dressed and coming to the living room is progress.

My own depression comes and goes, right now I'm so inundated with bills and problems it's overwhelming.

A plumbing leak gave me a $400 water bill last month, I thought I fixed it and this month it's still there. Water is expensive here, a few years ago the town came close to running out. I've called a plumber and that's more I'll have to shell out.

A high interest credit card is over $2000, medical and hospital bills + vet bills, and now an electrician wants another $1800 or he'll send to collection; which reminds me that I've already been through bankruptcy twice already.

I hate whining, and this sounds like it - and with all the current problems others here in Texas and Florida with hurricanes my own problems seem trivial. Still, dark thoughts come to me often and lately my writing has suffered. I have several things I've been working on, but I can't make myself start. I wake up in the morning wondering why I bothered to wake up.

As others have done here, though, writing about problems does help me cope with everything.

So at the moment I've got the city water turned off and we're coping.

Hope everyone here is okay.


this place is my someone to talk to and I find that it helps.
I am very impressed how articulate you are about the situation. I think it is a very good platform to get the feelings out and have people validate how you're feeling. Sometimes I think I am the only person going through a situation, but then you realize many people can show amazing amounts of empathy. I realize that I am not alone.

Anyway, when my husband starts getting depressed, we try pizza and a movie. We get the pizza from the grocery store and watch a movie on youtube. It's something to look forward too. Gives the day or week some kind of shape.
Thanks for sharing what's going on in your world. Here's to better days ahead, and please message me anytime if you need a sympathetic ear. Seriously.
Thanks, everyone - the water bill was actually $633 which included $200 from last month which I paid the last of the month - and truly I came close to having a nervous breakdown. I'm better, but just barely.

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