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Depression V

Some recent posts have brought up a question as
how others view your situation. Just the statement
"I'm depressed today" does not mean you have clinical depression. Maybe you are just whining, or sad. Even people close to you may not realize your real situation.

I had clinical depression. I tried to hurt myself. I spent time in a mental ward, group therapy. Before you criticize others, find help. A counselor, a doctor. Not all people can recognize the clues, even when it seems obvious to you.

Whatever your situation, find help.

All the best



I've thought about that maybe i'm just a whiner.
I could certainly never harm myself ( as in injure myself ) but i don't value life at all.
We live in a society of chronic complainers expressing their feelings and emotions through exaggeration. Our freedom of speech has reached a point where we now have a term, vaguebooking, for anyone seeking attention through vague Facebook statuses. As you have mentioned, depression does not have to be a sign of clinical depression. We're human. There is no law to say one cannot frown, feel distressed, or emotional. However, it is imperative that we do seek immediate attention when the feeling is life threatening. Not everyone is a psychologist, but it does help when you reach out.

Recently, two friends extended their thanks for "saving them," when they were depressed and feeling alone. It hit hard. It's nice to know I was there. So, when someone lifts you off your feet, please return the thanks when you're fully recovered and ready to engage with others.

From one Tony to another,

Thanks for the advice!
I was lucky that my wife had experience with the medical profession - not a doctor or nurse, just a pencil pusher, but she learned a lot and did research because of her own physical problems. She recognized that I had a real problem and we went to a counselor together. She helped me through a lot of mental problems, as I've helped her with her physical issues.

Not everyone is so lucky, but it does not mean that they don't care (although, sadly, some really don't care or are too dense to "get it).

It's always good to educate yourself about physical as well as mental
issues - after all, the more you know the better chance you have of getting well. Some doctors are not as willing to listen as others. That's not just an opinion, it's the truth. My wife and I experienced it.

Good luck to everyone.

Read an article in the guardian paper and it was about the rise in suicides and the lack of empathy in the NHS...people who see depression as an attempt at attention seeking just don't get the illness...I've never broke a bone or had surgery but I get they must be in pain.

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