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Dentist hell:

I've had a good run i suppose but the time is drawing near. A couple of teeth that are causing serious grief right now can only get worse. Next week, next month, next year , there can be only one outcome, my seeking out and submitting to a dentist chair. Oh god, there! i've said it.

Why are current dentist methods so "not negotiable/carved in stone"? Why can't we talk?

Me being me, there will probably be a running commentary through the process of plastic replacing bone. We'll see.:disturbed:


On the pus side, you can legitimately claim to be a sort of part-man, part-machine hybrid. I mean, come on! That's actually a bit cool!

My personal low was visiting the dentist for a root canal while suffering from a raging hangover. Do not recommend.

PS. I meant to say "plus side" up there but the typographical pun "Just Works [SUP](TM)[/SUP]" so I'm a-let it sit

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