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Deer in the Streets

17th July​

A day of many happenings both on and off the Mountain Hold.
Getting out to the town for a resupply saw us do the shopping and other usual chores.
After a databurst at the library we were leaving to return back to the mountain when, right across mainstreet ambled two buck deer as bold as brass!!

I stomped on the brakes and stopped the wolverine there in the middle of the road and had the camera out and rolling…

After following them around for a bit I got out and carried on filming on foot! They were incredibly calm and let me come within about fifteen feet of them…
Then they both hopped over a five foot chain link fence and exited stage left!

While returning to the MH we were about five miles away when a deer nearly ran out in front of us!
Luckily for both the Wolverine and the Deer it turned back again 
Further up we went and we noticed the first of the cattle beasts about to cross the road. Soon they’ll be in the Mountain Hold fringes.

Once back on Mike’s Land It was the usual chores then and nearly nightfall before I was about to turn in for the night.
Mike was already in his tent when a very ‘creepy’ incident occurred about two hundred yards west of my Cabin Tent.
I was about fifty yards away from my cabin tent brushing my teeth.
Basically when I was just done brushing my teeth I could hear the distinct sound of a ‘woman’ humming a tune. I heard it before I started brushing my teeth but dismissed it as forest noise.
Then after I was done brushing and paused to listen it came again and I instinctively knew there was a fey being out and about.
It was getting a bit dark so I couldn’t see anything that was doing it. But I reckon the origin of the noise was in a glade by the spring further up the mountain. I wasn’t about to go investigating either!
I’ve heard a similar ‘tune’ before when in Eire when alone in the wilderness so I reckon it to be a Sidhe. The tune was like a rising part of four syllables (except hummed syllables not spoken) then a falling part of the same.
I knew it couldn’t be MMM as I’d seen him turn in for the night in his tent, and this noise was nowhere near there. Plus I doubted he could even attempt to hum the tune the way it sounded, it was very other-worldly while at the same time being realistically audible. In fact when I walked back to me tent I heard it again, this time much more faintly.

Later in the night, as if all that wasn’t enough food for thought, a deer mouse managed to wriggle it’s way the tent zipper and get inside!
It didn’t get very far though, as right underneath the zipper I’d placed some a sticky-tray trap and it was stuck fast! (I’d gone and bought this in the nearby town’s dollar store!)
I heard it jerking and floundering about and took a picture to mark it’s bold enterprise on my cell phone.
I was going to leave it in the tent until daybreak BUT it was making such a racket it had to go outside. It had also managed to free it’s front two claws too.
Seeing this I made a testing vow that, should it manage to wriggle free or survive until daybreak I’d pull it off and set it free on waking up In the morning.
Morning came and at first the mouse and sticky trap were nowhere to be seen!
Well done little thing! The sticky trap is obviously no match for you.

Yet when I peered around the side of the cabin tent there it was, dead as a doornail still attached by it’s rear end and tail to the trap.
Something had smashed a fairly neat hole in it’s skull and flies were all on it.
Perhaps it had expired through shear exhaustion ands the flies made the hole? But I think a predator did it.
I pulled it off the sticky trap and hurled it deep into the undergrowth, the sticky trap I binned.
I’ll be using the traditional traps from now on for the most part, they at least grant a swift end rather than a prolonged agony of being a sitting duck.
I’ll set these at nightfall as that’s when the night creatures crawl about…

The next morning I told MMM, who of course had heard nothing, for his hearing isn’t that sensitive.
He was indifferent, saying it could have been singing coming from a neighbours cabin. Which of course is impossible as the direction of the sound was nowhere near any cabin plus it was a human-sounding voice humming not singing.
The next night I heard nothing from that area when brushing my teeth, but I normally go to bed earlier when I’ve already settled in not when just arriving back from a resupply trip.
Since that strange happening it’s not happened again, although my usual lucid dream’s have, gone off the charts!


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