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December Seventh

Some of you may know, my mom was there in Honolulu on December 7, 1941. She was twelve when she saw the world around her literally explode.

My mom struggled with mental health issues her entire life. How much was organic, and how much environmental? "Crazy" does run in the family. My uncle (her brother) committed suicide about a decade after the attack. Quite a few members of my family are on meds.

I love history and politics, but there is so much more. People always remember "The Arizona" and Zero fighters. They remember FDR, Tojo, and Marines storming beaches. Epic naval battles. It culminated with Japanese cities being firebombed, then atom bombs.

I know that somebody's mother was on a hillside outside of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. I take no joy in their family pain. The war started, and it ended. Only it never really ends.

We're sending 7,000 more troops to the Persian Gulf. North Korea is acting-out again. The world is a swimming pool full of gasoline and fools keep throwing lit matches.

Outside of Bagdad, Riyadh or Tehran, a twelve year old girl is playing innocently in the hills above the city. She won't deserve it, but The Monsters will come. They always do. And she will do her best to understand the evil that comes to visit.

I wish I could hug her, and tell her it will be alright. But her anger, pain and sorrow will be hers, and hers alone to bear. If she lives, she'll have an entire lifetime to relive the horror.

December seventh is just another day for most of you. For me, it is a remembrance of sobbing, wailing and innocence lost. So long ago, yet it never leaves us.
Sleep well, safe in your protected world. Enjoy it while you can.


Joy and happiness is not the norm on WF....writing being a form of release for sum and often mixed with that is confessional writing..sub con or not but the self is the thing we know better than anyone and we and others can predict how one will react fairly accurately...there are so many cliches to this stuff an the blame game plays apart but for me as in so much in life..luck will determine your journey and bad luck will be a constant companion but law of averages say some will get more than others...

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