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Persons just slightly younger than me often bemoan losing a grandparent. I lost my last grandparent (my grandmother) over 25 years ago.
Both of my parents died before my 50th birthday.

it's like I can hardly remember having an elder to look up to. Guidance. Re-assurance. I feel like I've been on my own for a long time. I feel old.

My In-Laws serve as surrogates. Tales of post WW2 Europe: Germany bombed-out... The Marshall Plan and Eisenhower's austerity... On-call to the Suez and the Prague Spring.
Good people. Cabbage rolls and Medicare. Both had cancer. She lost a kidney. He's going on dialysis.

They don't have long for this realm. I want to comfort my wife, but that would mean re-visiting my own losses.

We all suffer loss. The pain afterward is bad.
That long, long time later is worse.
Waiting for death. And the silence that follows.


life experiences shape us and define us and we will have to deal with our own death if were not struck down without time to think..i watched jesse stone a tv programme and he said you can shoot a dear in the heart and it will run a while before it realises it's dead..i'm not sure that humans are the only creatures that no their going to die...i reckon how we handle death and how we react to others loss is one of the building blocks of the self and how others define us as a person

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