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dead men walking

sitting off in waterstones book shop with a latte and letting my mobile download updates when one older guy stands up and starts talking to the guy opposite him...i never got the start of the conversation but the guy said...i was'nt sure it was you an then they go into trivial stuff..home ,family blah,blah..then the younger guy about 49 or 50 says i've still got your book that you signed for me and when you die it might be worth something..i had to get up of the couch an walk away because i thought man that was so insensertive but funny....years ago in a pub a guy said to my brother.. i was at the party for ged an his hollywood actor cousin was there..i said to ged where all dying it's just your getting there quicker...a while later i said to my brother did i hear him right an he said that about a guy who died not long after the farewell party...


LOL. ... especially "younger guy of 50"! Yep, age is certainly relative. As for the writer, heck, I would have asked what he wrote. Curiosity would get the better of me.
the older guy was thrown for a second or two...an it seemed so much longer before he replied but i was sorting my stuff to get off..maybe it was a book on how to make friends and be popular.....i had an inner laugh all the way to the escalator...
dying seems fashionable....

Oh, and Waterstones!!! I used to love those bookshops. Wonder if they've changed in 25 years..
a woman died in 2015 when the sign outside fell on her......killed by a waterstone sign

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