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Daydreaming to Planning

It would be hyperbole to say that I "hate" where I am now. There's a lot of positives to our neighborhood: Close to the grocery store, public transportation and public safety (fire & police). Traffic ain't bad, even though people drive faster now (and / or, I'm just getting older).
When we first moved here, our kids were young, and the neighborhood was new. There were a lot of young couples, and our kids all played together. Now, the kids are grown, and a lot of of our friends have moved. The houses are older and tired. Maybe that's why I hate them. They remind me of my own creeping mortality.

Broken fences, moss on roofs, unkempt landscaping, crappy "hooptie" cars. It just feels run-down and tired. We don't have an HOA and I'm okay with that. I'll take individual freedom (warts and all) over forced conformity all day long. Even if it is ugly to look at.

Still, I can't wait to get out now. Our kids are still living with us, for a few more years. I could probably retire early, but I sure as shit ain't leaving work to spend more time here. So I've been planning our escape. At least in my head, and some on paper.

My idea is to buy 5 to 10 acres just west of here, toward the coast. It's kind-of like "flyover" country, people on their way to the beach just drive right through the coastal hills and forests. Small towns with gas stations to service the tourists. Low-density and quiet. Yes.
Some parcels I've looked at have streams. One had a shared lake, but that came with covenants and restrictions (stuff that!). A few are bordered on working forest land: The Perfect Neighbors. Big-arse trucks kicking up dust moving logs... but only during the day. At night, blissful peace with a sky full of stars. No light pollution.

Oh, there will be problems. The deer will try to eat my garden, and coyotes will try to steal our cats. Site prep will be costly: From leveling, septic, well and running power lines (trenching). At least permitting should be do-able. My research indicates that this county is pretty lazzie faire. My knida folks.

I want to keep construction costs down, so I've been looking at non-traditional homes. I think we'll stay away from the standard "modular" pre-fab homes. My wife had a bad experience with them growing up (I could convince her they're better now, but one must pick their battles). I seriously want to construct a shipping container home. Not quite tiny-home sized, but downsizing for sure. Four 40 foot boxes should be adequate. We could utilize a lot of outdoor space for living (deck, patio and atrium). A couple of outbuildings for infrequently used stuff (two 20' containers). Solar panels would provide some self-sufficiency, but I would want a large propane tank as well. A wood stove would make sense (since it's in a forest), but honestly it would be redundant.
I know Amazon offers some pre-built structures as well. Looks good on paper, until you add-up the cost of all the upgrades to make them livable.

I basically just want to spend the rest of my life living like Henry David Thoreau. With or without the pond. Walk the property, philosophize and hum along to the nearby chainsaws. Seriously, I like that sound. It's the hum of honest work using renewable resources.
And it's important to like and respect your neighbors. Which is a lot easier when you have 5 to 10 acres of buffer space between you.


Winston, reading your piece lets me appreciate where I live even more. I tell people I live in my retirement home, I bought when I was 22 an old run down house in the best part of town. A creek and waterfalls in the back yard, no neighbors within half a mile, a rifle and pistol range right off the back porch. I can yell at my wife, no one can hear. I can go swimming naked, not that anyone would care, but there is no one who can watch. I don't have see what the neighbors are doing, they don't care what I am doing.

The plus side of having neighbors so far away is that it lets us be close. We do have to count on each other, we all look after each others homes. I take care of my neighbors out door wood stove when their gone, they take care of mine. If something goes wrong here the first call is to a neighbor, not the police. I like where I live, because I like who I live next to. I like them even better because I don't have to put up pretend fences to keep them out, but can always welcome them and be glad to see them when I do, cause it ain't that often.
having had both ... Less neighbor's is much better than more. Wife one time said something about selling and moving into a condo. Uh-uh. I told her she'd be living without me then.
Don't know what the building codes are up there but if you can build yourself a post and beam roof structure/pavilion, with a slab under it, stack rice hay bales as exterior walls, stucco them, then bob's your uncle.
Uncle Bob, I occasionally visit and at times come bearing gifts of exotic and delicious foods. I would hope that you or some of your others are not just meat and potato types. Mmm-boy. Winston, you too.
escorial;bt14401 said:
Nirvana for sale

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

On my future acreage, I plan on a modest-sized house, only level and clearing enough for a garden and shed.
I might do some brush removal for a walking trail. And yes, clear some space for a rifle range. Pew-pew.

In the Seattle area (& WA State) they have to have laws to prevent D-Bags from clear-cutting their property. Denuded land causes slides, destroying the land and sometimes killing people. But folks today are so damn stupid, we need to have laws for what should be common sense.
I just wanna live semi-off "the grid". Solar panels, rainwater reclamation and growing some of our own food. I'm not removing 100 trees so I can plant some vanity lawn and garden.

Contrast this with where I used to live in Northern California. All the Nouveau Riche jerks from Silicon Valley moved into our pastoral community and built McMansions. Bulldozed the apple trees that had been there for 150 years and planted grapes. Out with the cows, in with the llamas.
Even if I had that kind of money, no way. Not my thing. I don't feel the need to "terraform" my own planet.

Esc, legally I'll own it, but in reality it's just a long-term lease. And I, for one, respect the landlord.
When you truly live in a rural area... it means your neighbors have every right to do stupid shit, and things you don't agree with. Most people from the city or even suburbia have a hard time with the concept that what the other guy does, is none of your business. When you get rural areas that are run by those from some place else...smarter than all the locals, it does not take long for it to no longer be rural or what you chose to escape to in the first place. "Freedom means the other guys gets to do what he wants even if you disagree with him" The level of freedom that most are comfortable for most people is unusually small, in my experience.
Any place with land use laws is not rural and not free.
escorial;bt14406 said:
Who owns your country...
the luminarians ...
im creating a mercury/ old battery dump in my back yard. 50$ per load dump fee to anyone who is interested.

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