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Day 2 at the Forum

Okay, so MAYBE spending too much time here nosing around and getting to know how things work instead of focusing on actually writing poetry. So off I go to my haiku calculator (yes, I have one of those, makes it easier to focus on the words than the syllables (anyway for my brain). It's actually just a spreadsheet with spaces for the words where I put the syllables for the number of syllables, not a cheat sheet where a program inserts words (wait, would that kind of computer program actually exist?) Maybe as an android app. Never thought of that! No, I don't want to know if it does. That would take the magic out of writing haiku poems. Anyhoo, when I am having problems being inspired I pull out the haiku sheet. It's easier for me to focus on that, more manageable and it seems to me I'm pretty good at haiku's. Well, off I go. Have a good Saturday


Welcome to the forums!

Computer assists
Enshrining the human soul
In a plastic jail

This was fun. I haven't wrote any haiku's since grade school. It's fun to clap put the 5/7/5 syllables. :)

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