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Day 1.

I put on my headphones and I blast my favorite band to escape the real world.
Nobody really knows how mush pain that I am in.
I let a guy in, he made me feel wonderful.
After a few dates, he broke up with me because I wasn't what he wanted.
I give up on love.
It's too confusing.:cower:


First of all, welcome to the forums Jess! :D

Secondly, it's 5:20 AM so I apologize if this isn't completely coherent. I'll do my best. :p

Don't get discouraged. Learn something. Take something away from this. You can only control YOU. That's why such a big part of relationships is trust. You are trusting that other person to not hurt you, and if they do they will fix it, and that they will love you how you love them. It's a two way street for a reason, but you only have reign over where you're going. Make sure you learn from YOUR mistakes, and that you are your best self.

Love can be confusing, but it isn't meant to be easy. I know, it sucks sometimes. Easy for me to say when I don't really know your situation. Just have a good idea of what you want. With this recent guy, what could you have done differently to make it better? What were some red flags with him?

Don't give up! It was just one dude who probably doesn't know much more than you about this shit anyway. It isn't simple, but that's okay. Remember you're not the only one. If you want to talk just send me a PM! Guys can be dumb and I can try to help explain it from a guy perspective. I've been through too many relationships and dating experiences to count, and I'm only 17, so I'm sure we can relate.



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