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Darkness within

Darkness within.

You taint my thoughts,
creating doubt after doubt.
Your hawk eyes haunt my memory,
as your hands withhold my dignity.
locked away inside, as life crumbles,
as ever onward I try to fumble.
Darkness within it grows and grows,
my mind whispers; it's wrong you know?
Stuck in consequences tight might,
I struggle to wake from that dark night!​


Don't thank me HB, in so many ways and yet so different, your words gnaw and I feel..........
dither;bt13819 said:
Don't thank me HB, in so many ways and yet so different, your words gnaw and I feel..........

I thank you because you have taken the time to read what I have wrote.

Dither most of my poetry is written from raw emotions that I feel based on stuff going or gone on in real life. For me writing began as a way to escape my head and release my problems out of my mind by putting them on the page. At first this was in the form of stories where I could make up the ending even if stuff was still going on, now it has become poems that I write when I feel strong emotions that won't leave me alone. I don't know why this helps it just does. This is why I post my poems mostly on my blog instead of on the poetry boards.

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