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Darkness on sunny days

man i've hit a bad patch..destroyed 238 pages of type written story about a man who tries to find himself again but realizes that he will never look in the mirror again and see that person..finished it and read it so many times than binned the lot after a bad time..feel even worse now after all that effort..man i hate me sometimes..so stupid...put myself back in the prison of depression and feel the world is against me..i wouldn't wish this crap on me worst enemy.


that's just the sort of thing that i'd do.

Good luck with your's mate,

good luck.
I wonder reading your words if you understand how much your story line resembles the way you feel now, very similar. I am curious if when you got to the end of your piece if the character was still broken or did he find a way out. My guess is that the very same despair the character went through you also went through or are still going through. Maybe if the character found the answer, found a reason to look in the mirror, overcame his dislike of himself you would have found a reason to keep it, Why be reminded, if he is not the victor?

I am a very simple person, I say find something to write about where the guy wins, gets the girl and kills the bad guy, let that be your sunny day.. In my thoughts and prayers Escorial...Bob
Depression is rough. My mom's suffered through it for as long as I can remember. Keep pushing through it, man, I know you can.

And I wouldn't consider that writing wasted. No writing is. I'm sure you learned quite a bit through it, if only in terms of technical improvement at the very least. Whatever it is, that's something you'll carry with you to your future projects.
cheers dither
plasticweld..i'm not wired to write about happy endings..i would like to but can't connect with it..thanks for reply dude.

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