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Damn you Frank.

Storm Frank that is. I listened to him it seemed for most of last night, huffing and puffing and i feared for my garden fence, my mother's garden fence, and poor old Larchie next door, i really thought he'd be lying face down in the mud when i looked out this morning but no, he's still standing, he's amazing. Bad boy Frank really is whipping up a storm though. On top of his yowling, rain is due apparently but it hasn't hit here yet.
I want to go out to the shops for a newspaper and i'm half-heartedly trying to persuade myself to have a shower but,,, ugh! It's midweek, if i just throw on my old black parka who's going to know? Even less care? I mean i washed yesterday. Trouble is i'm a bit of a slob at home and will gladly go for days without washing but won't leave home in such a state. I've always been very particular where personal hygiene is concerned because there's nothing worse than being close to a minger but who the hell am i gonna be getting close to?

Reckon i'll just bung that parka on...

Well? I did eventually get myself clothed, thought that i might at least brush my teeth and when i looked in mirror, ohhh.m.g. My hair was a mess but that problem was easily solved. Bushy grey sideburns, i ought to give them a trim sometime. And three days worth of stubble looks okay on a twenty five year old if you like that sort of thing. I'm a slob, no two ways about it.

Outside, it was rough although it's actually quite mild, it's just that damned wind and the weather-man says Frank will be with us until the weekend. Wonderful, not. Could be snowing i suppose and i could be in Cumbria, poor buggers.
Up town, life seemed pretty much same as. People were out shopping but they weren't hanging around and nor was i. Not sorry to be home.

Life eh?



I hate bad weather. Bane of my existence.

Unless I'm inside, nice and cozy. Then it can be quite nice to look at with a nice, strong cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate!

Guess I don't mind driving in it. Just depends.

But yeah, I let myself go from time to time, but only if I have no plans of going anywhere. If I do go somewhere, I refuse to do so until I have at least taken a quick rinse in the shower and done something with my hair.

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