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Cute lil' squoil

There he is, that fluffy-tail rodent, a rat in cute furry. He doesn’t see me, got his back to me, sunning on a bare branch. Must be a new batch; the others all knew better. Why, I could get my pellet gun and…

They eat all of it, every year, all my fruit: apricots in spring, pomegranates in September before they’re even ripe; guava, persimmons. Last year, I got the persimmons, all three of them. Must not have recognized them.

Yes, there you are, all dusty, you dirt digger. I’ve shot prettier: your cousin, the tree squirrel; at least a dozen, Mr. Ground Squirrel.

It didn’t help. It doesn’t help. Traps or poison, that’s the way to go. Can’t sit out there 24/7, but poison, it never quits.

I’m inside and the window’s closed; and he’s got his back to me.
What if I just think at him?

Hell-ooo? Picture-thoughts… For a second, I see the house, then the window… oh shit, there’s his chirping from the other day, coming back to me.


Would you look at that? He’s turning around, walking a branch towards me. Hello. Now he can see me. See my movement, my head-bob.

He’s definitely of a new batch. The others would flee at the slightest. He’s just looking.

All right. Whatever. You live.


Can you eat those things?
I mean what the hell?
Get your meat for free and enjoy your fruit.
the life and death thing was lost...a perfect example of comedy and tragedy colliding...
being a country boy, i went through the hunting shooting thing as i was growing up. Shot and ate a fair selection of what there is to shoot and eat in the English countryside. Never ate Squirrel though, so small they hardly seemed worth it but in your situation, i reckon i might give it a try.
They might be small, but two or three, in a casserole'... It's that old hunter'gatherer trip.
Go for it Kevin and let us know eh?
If it happens it's more likely to be the tree variety-- jr. Is our resident 'redneck' (his definition)
and he's said in the past that he'd not eat a ground dwelling squirrel. He did get us a rabbit once. Cooked it and ate it. He said he didn't like it. Smelled... un-appetizing. I tried some and it was ok, not great. I did smell something. We didn't want to waste.
always it's in the cooking.
Me? Personally? Am very fond of herbs and spices. Throw in a few finely diced caramelized onions.
For free? Experiment.

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