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Crimson Flows.

Crimson flows from my soul
the ragged hole open still
This thing stepped between us
parting us against our will

A better man wouldn't hurt
a worthy one would endure
I value myself worthless
for I know of but one cure

I cannot kiss your skin
knowing I'll find his taste
I cannot enjoy your hands
knowing they've touched his face

As I walk along this path
back to the land I know
the misty forest before me
welcomes each step I go

Loneliness is a vile poision
and someday it will surely win
But I am destined to die alone
and I will be alone until then.


This is quite good- you've come a long way from being a novice poet- this is tight -it has bones- I saw this in my minds eye- felt it- this is what poetry is about-

my warmest

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