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Creative burst...

I'm alone in a meadow on the cliff top. I can smell the briny sea, hear the waves as they crash in the darkness. A storm rages around me, a rough caress through my short hair. I know she'll be here she always comes. As I watch and wait all I can think is this time it will be different. This time I'll save us. There she is! Her long dark locks flaring out behind her in the storm as she slowly approaches. A smile lights my face as her blue eyes come into view, her timid smile graces her lips as she puts another foot forward. My hand stretches out between us as my heart explodes into my chest. I want to run to her but can't. My feet are stuck. Panic wells up as I struggle against unseen bonds that hold me fast. My panic must have shown on my face, her steps falter. She stares at me across the meadow but comes no closer. I cry out to her my voice swallowed by the wind. Why can't I move? Why can't I go to her? Disappointment shows on her face as I stand still. I watch as her smiles fades and she walks away as my heart breaks. He looms up behind her, unknown to her, his blade flashes silver in the sudden moonlight as it descends on her back. "RUN!" I scream as my bonds break and I stumbled forward a step. But as always I'm too late to stop it. Time slows as the blade digs deep and I see as she realises the pain. Her blue eyes widen and her mouth puckers into a small 'O'. AS her hands clasp her chest. Tears blur my vision as she begins to fall and then I'm next to her, holding her to me as I gaze down into her frozen eyes. Listening to his wild laughter float around us and my scream rips free of my lips. I pour all my heartbreak and longing into that one animal noise that is soon swallowed by the storm raging both around and within me.


I didn't plan on writing anymore than that small piece Esc but here is a link to a different passage of mine:



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