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Couch Bound

Here I am beginning my very own blog,

Well being couch bound today has allowed me to add another 1,000 words to my story. Here's a brief summary;

Following the death of her Mother and the financial crash of her Father. Rosetta is forced to move from London to Filey, a small seaside town. Into the inherited, creepy old Wintergreen Manor. Where she meets Lucas the young bad boy who, hates the Wintergreen family. While dreaming of the romantic but tragic past life of Rosalina Wintergreen and the love shared between a servant and Lady under the threat of discovery and death. Will love prevail?
Can Rosetta and Rosalina escape the past? Will her discoveries of the horrific family history be enough to set the Manor free at last?.

It's based in the Gothic genre and it will be aimed at Young Adult readers, but I'm hoping that the majority of readers will enjoy it too.


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