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Is the prompt for this month's LM event. I've already finished and polished my piece...as usual trying to find the boundaries of what one can do with 650 words, but perhaps not quite as ambitious as the last two.
This entry involves women, cats, and Tom Swifties. There's some tough competition this time around and perhaps my record of never finishing lower than second will be in danger. We shall see.
I'm becoming a fan of the two folks that run the LM. They've been able to implement a couple of things I wanted to do when I was running the thing, though sometimes they're a little heavy-handed. I understand. The tendency to become impatient with the body politic of WF while charged with the responsibility to upholds the rules is a siren song that is hard to resist. You have to care a lot to do it in the first place, and moderation is largely thankless.
There's nothing like the LM, though, to sharpen one's skills, and quickly. The level of storytelling is pretty high and the judges are almost always even-handed. My favorite part of WF.


Well said sir!

Can't believe you've finished and polished your story. I've finished mine almost, but I take a lot longer to tweak; I get obsessive to the point of mania sometimes. It's the only time when I pull my hair for reals.
I finished it before the competition officially started. I don't spend a lot of time tweaking;I'm on to the next piece. For the most part, I don't do second drafts, I just edit for spag and move on.

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