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Construction Time!

Found some time to get a shelf put up in the warehouse complex.





Hole nearly dug out…


The earthworks not only is massive and dense, but Mike is going to the next level and reinforcing it with blocks of SOLID concrete! I am not joking, these things weigh beyond 80 lbs in weight. MMM loads them up on one side of the Gulch and trundles them over to the bunker in a wheelbarrow!


I helped him carry one off his barrow to the earthworks; even with two it’s heavy, so the mountain powers must be helping Mike as he get’s about 6 - 8 of these done per day!
I think even a tank would be pressed to blast through this lot of defences!

This bit of kit is impressive, I don’t know where MMM got the spool from but it solves the drainage issue he had from that short bit of pvc.


Some time in the future we hope to show various types of armour plating being put through it’s paces.
In the meantime, here’s the armoured wall!



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