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Confused Cross Dressers

Maybe someone can explain this to me... but I doubt it.

My family and I went to the baseball game last weekend. Our San Francisco Giants were in town to play the Seattle Mariners. We always pride ourselves on 'wearing our colors' to support our team. It's an event, and we invest our time in having fun. Prior to the game we hit the Pacific Science Center, then found a new pizza place for lunch. Later, the game didn't go the way we hoped, but it was still wholesome entertainment for all.
Except for the cross-dressers.

You see them at every sporting event. Sunday, Seattle was playing San Francisco. Yet, hundreds of 'fans' were running around wearing jerseys and hats from their teams. And not just baseball teams from another league, halfway across the country. Football, basketball and soccer jerseys littered the landscape. Then, there were my favorites: The ones that wore a Mariners hat with a Giants jersey, or vice versa. ](*,)

It's not that hard. PICK A TEAM! No, the Miami Heat is not playing today, nor is Manchester United. You get two choices. If you don't like either one, wearing the colors of a third team only makes you look stupid. Really, really stupid.

Perhaps there are more clueless people out there than I'd care to admit. I think if The Onion printed a story that Mitt Romney was running with Hillary Clinton, they'd be ecstatic. Choosing a team, or a side, says a lot about who you are. Not choosing says something as well. Finally, choosing an unlivable, nonsensical option says something else completely.

I get it. You're a Red Sox fan. Hey genius! They're not playing today. Either take off that filthy jersey, watch your team on TV, or buy a ticket to Boston. Please choose option C. We're already stocked-up on stupid here. And take a Cubbie fan and drop him over Chicago on the way.

Oh, and I was joking about the Mitt / Hillary ticket. They all play for the same team anyway.


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