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Topic: Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence. - Vince Lombardi

"It's their confidence!"
said as if spoken off a hostess lips
contagious like spreading lacquer
a compound to renown success
or lack thereof.. from the rest unfinished
the non propound be left a mess

a soggy pus that death had gripped
embraced by lack of self worth constrict…. in it
like cerecloth and a sarcophagus
but for the one who failed often
and didn't fear the risks in life’s commit
knew that death would end you
but life… it just don’t quit
so be complacent
there is no race but stay slick
be your own confidon a phenomenon
of emotionally intelligent wit
because IQ without control ain’t worth a spit
perspective is what gets in your head
when you start thinking it could get worst yet
when people make waves you see
the only person standing in the way of me is me to surfeit
but to have no doubt that’s where the real courage is at
the thought that if I wipe out ill be sure to re surface an re surf it
cause we gain strength from flaws after all we ain’t perfect


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