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Confession, good for the soul

"Hello, my name is Tony, and I'm an internet addict."

"Hello, Tony"

Geez, the first thing I do every morning it turn on the bleeping computer. The first place I log on to is this forum, which would be fine if I actually accomplished something. Which I do, every now and then. Mostly I just peruse the posts, then wander off to various web sites - a comedy site here, a comic site there. I do go to some political ones, but they only make me depressed.

Usually my wife will wake up, yell something like "Get off that !#@&% computer and fix me breakfast!"

Really I can't blame her, her burdens are heavier than mine.

Oh, wait. I haven't seen that site before. Must be new....


Hellow, Tony,

My name is Carole and I am also a WF junkie. *sigh* I try desperately to hide my addiction but sadly ...

My husband wants me to go for counselling...
The moment my husband starts to moan I point out how much time he spends watching TV (I don't watch TV), watching football and playing Fantasy football.
HA! I have to do that with my kids. That is keep them busy, so they stay off the internet. It is a truly remarkable thing how much time you can piss away staring at absolute garbage. Funny post, enjoyed!
i worked with a 55 yo guy who loved his Play Station....his wife put it in the bin..stuff like that but the best bit was listening him talking to much younger guy's about a game...one conversation i remember was..young guy..for some reason my wi-fi is crap in the bedroom..he replied my wife wouldn't av it in the bedroom....

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