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8-3. Today must be yoga-mat day. Young people and yoga-mats. What do they do for a living? It’s 11:30 on a weekday and people have to work, so how…?

8-4. Pretty People out today…more so than usual. Would it be creepy if I had a camera? Ha! Ya, dude… I think so. It’s just that it’s really amazing… pretty faces, pretty bodies. There are pretty people everywhere, yes, but not in such concentration. I find it remarkable.

8-5. Four guys and one girl at the off ramp. They’re all dirty and she is kind of fat. Not real fat, and didn’t look quite as dirty, though her hair was messed up. I have to stare on the sly 'cause they're right next to me while the light is red. They also beg there. She seems very animated, like excited about something. Maybe they’re going to go score some drugs…

Her cloths remind me of when I was a teen—Van’s tennis shoes had just come into style then, and she’s wearing Van’s.

I remember the cool chicks that liked to smoke cigarettes and weed at school, hang out. She looks just like that, except older, maybe 25. The guys look all beardy and dirty. It’s hard to tell how old any of them are, really. The street ages you, right? But I can’t tell. They don't look gray.

There’s one guy with them sort of walking behind the rest. He looks… perturbed. I’d say out of them, he’s the one who’s not going to get some. Bearded mouth, and sort of looking straight ahead, he does not look happy.

He knows he’s not going to get some. He’ll probably never get some for the rest of his life.

Green light…


I like this Kevin.

I would agree with Escorial but having said that, although i do delight in " observing " ( was going to say watching. Oh dear, even that seems creepy ) life/ things/ people/ situations/happenings and interactions. Thinking about my own personal view of things and my interpretation of what i see at the time. I find it so difficult to put into words.

Life eh?

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