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Cold As Balls

Winter came, but then something worse came...

A cold front comes through and has the temperature down to as little as 15 degrees without including wind-chill. It's so cold I googled "how do Eskimo's survive the arctic". That's not an idle question, though, since I really did want to know how they survive...for writing purposes.

But then again, I think people in certain states in the US deal with this all the time as well. And construction workers. Never got how they could work outside in weather like this.

"Alexa. Stop spying on me and find out what foods keep you warm."

"I'm sorry, I don't understand your question."



i sit in the sauna an people gab an then stand up an say...now for the cold shower..an it is cold...weirdos the lot
Check out macrobiotics. There's a lot there about what foods are warming and what are cooling. It also gets into cooking methods. Stews, which spend a long time over the heat, are supposed to be more warming than stir fries.

Or just look at where the food grows. Coconuts are cooling, as are bananas. Oats, buckwheat and short grain rice are warming. Inuit eat caribou. That'll get you started at least.
It's getting worse, too! It's currently -4 degrees F here, and we're not even at the Canadian border! BRRRRR! I pity the people who have it worse.

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