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Bought 6 pack of coca cola in glass bottles an my hunch was right all along..it taste better than a can or plastic bottle... maybe it's a nostalgic thing because I remember the add an that song...teach the world to sing..I wonder if they all got together again like the advert but they would all be so much older an lived more an they might change the lyrics... I'd like to tell the word to piss off...


I remember that time- Jimi Hendrix and hair- which ended shortly thereafter *poof*-gone.
We figured out in the 80s to buy Mexican coke- made w actual sugar, not that crap corn syrup that doesent taste the same - can't trust the corporations , they tried to sell us 'Classic Coke' - wtf. basically coca-cola telling us to piss off.
Music can take most of us back to when an food n drink can do to....I can recall reading Albert Camus an thinking why was a french Algerian called Albert but what bothered me the most was the thought of getting old...never start to read any of his stuff if you are middle aged......
I'll help with the first verse, esc:

"I'd like to tell the world 'Piss Off!
With perfect animosity.
I'd like to sell the world some coke,
And retire to the Florida Keys."
Does Trump do coke....I was gonna ask our ambassador but no one's answering the phoñe...
Our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump? Let me ask him-No, I was never a fiend of Coke, though other presidents might've been-I can't really comment on that. I did, however, once date a girl named Pepsi, and let me tell you, she was a great gal, one of the greatest gals-probably the greatest at the time in Manhattan,definitely the greatest - but we parted, and that's a good thing because there might never have bee the greatest gal now- Ivanka - but let me tell you something - what? What's that? No,I never flew around jet-setting with JeffereyEpstien doing Coke - though the left and the democrats seem to like that - you know- like how they like those men who date underage girls like that one director who if you read the transcripts was an absolute monster, but they still all love him- the ones that said they're removing to French Canada where that sort of thing might be legal-it's not here- Your embassador?well I think they should give him his job back. Because really, that's what embassadors do- make false statement, so I don't mind that- he was just doing his job- and I'm sure if he really got to know me he would love me - because everyone who really really knows me, loves me, and I really love everyone - except that Rosie O'donell - you can have her- I would never date her - I have standards, and she would be even more of an embarrassment.
I stopped drinking Pepsi after they set fire to jackos head...I think I'm a coke addict now...did you know that if you pour it all about your bog it shines like the toilet in the whitehouse
MJ it was Pepsi, Richard Pryor it was coke. What is it about Coke and Pepsi that people's heads catch on fire?

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