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Clown Car

You know that trope that it’s impossible to just drive by a car wreck and not look? Sure, it’s sick, and morally questionable, but everyone does it. It’s just human nature.

That can be the only reason that I like watching the Democratic Debates. It’s like the typical smoldering wreck on the side of the road, only it’s a Clown Car.

As they all crawl out of the twisted mess, you wonder where all these clowns came from. There’s a happy faced clown that likes to spread joy and love, a few grumpy clowns, and the rest just look lost, trying to find their seltzer bottle. Then, amongst the burning wreckage of their car, they fight with one another. How could you not look?

The Moderators, like First Responders, try to help the clowns. But clowns be clowns. I think you’d actually get more compliance and coherence from herding cats. The saner clowns really help accentuate the wackiness of the horn-honking goofballs. As they try to construct a balloon animal for the kiddies, and another clown just pops it with a pin. Woot woot. Or Yada yada yada. Smell my flower.

The most hilarious thing is that these clowns are all competing to unseat the head clown, Bozo. The whole I Can Be a Better Clown Than YOU! competition. I know this is serious, but how can anyone take this seriously? I mean, look around at the catastrophic mess the world is in. It doesn’t matter who the Top Clown is. We’re all gonna die anyway. May as well laugh on our way out.

It doesn’t matter how you think we’ll destroy ourselves, although that does seem to be the big thing we all fight over. But the clowns are there to offer free balloons and ice cream. An occasional squirting flower. We’re all good sports. And easily distracted.

The adults are on permanent vacation. We’re all hyped-up on the fruit punch and good times promised to all. But all too soon, it’s the sugar crash and a tummy ache. Someone may eventually look at the clown car in the ditch again and wonder:
Did they drive it in the ditch, or did we run them off the road?

Except, I forgot one thing. In just a few short years, there will be no cars. Only carbon-neutral electric trains. And free ice cream. Honk-honk.


escorial;bt14555 said:
In a few short years there be no clowns/humans

Esc, are you familiar with Fermi's Paradox? The Universe, even our galactic neighborhood should be teeming with life. It is not. Why?
It is postulated that all intelligent life reaches a theoretical "wall". In most cases, that wall is the ability to commit global genocide without the moral evolutionary control to stop it. We consume resources until they are depleted, then kill each other over the scraps that remain.
Maybe that's just the Universe self-regulating.

Regardless, it's been real... I think. The universe could be a sim. If it is, it is a real buggy program.
I am not sure that clowns would be the right description. While they have taken the liberal view to the extreme, and seem to be in a race to destroy this country. I found none of them funny, none of them did anything but try and paint a picture of pure doom and gloom. Right now things are good, the economy is good, we are at peace, people are working and there is hope. None of the candidates even making any of those things better than they are today. Each of their programs seemed to dismantle what is already working.

Not one of them has a chance with the average working American. Brain dead socialist will be happy, but thankfully they make up only a small percentage of the country. As long as they keep speaking and sharing their thoughts...they are doomed. That is enough to make me smile, they will have four more years of wearing a frown.
...but thankfully they make up only a small percentage of the country.

I try not too be too much of a pessimist, but I fear you're wrong PW. It may not be this time, or even over the next few years, but the ground work has been laid.
Too many have taken the Blue Pill. The line for "crazy" has moved so far left, normal is now seen as fascist extremism. And when your opponent is no longer just wrong, but evil, the gloves come off.
Violence will beget violence. I just don't see this ending well, for anyone.

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