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Civil War (couple 'o bad words)

First off, I like my job. I enjoy getting out of that cramped, stuffy storage basement into the crisp air of the loading dock. I zip along on our forklift, breathing in deep the damp ocean breeze. I occasionally stop, and wave at some "cubicle monkey" starting their day hours after mine. We're on the same team. Mostly.

But my workspace is cramped. Too cramped. We all know it, and have complained about it. It's so bad, it is a safety hazard. The desk jockeys upstairs keep ordering too much stuff. They have the money to buy stuff. So they purchase two years of material when all we need is six months worth. We often have to carry stuff down aisles like African explorers crossing a river, items held high over our heads to fjord the river of crap.

Somebody finally filed a complaint with OSHA. His name is "Donnie", and has been a loyal employee, and a good man. I know the "higher-ups" are pissed at him. They wanted to keep the issue "in-house". Well, it's been going on for years, and at some point someone will get hurt. Maybe even die (in a fire or earthquake). Donnie knew this. We all did.

I've always been somewhat of a Company Man. I hope that when the OSHA inspectors come to our little dungeon, I feel safe speaking the truth. I owe it to Donnie, and all my co-workers. I know that they can't retaliate for cooperating with investigators. I also know that those damn office pouges have long memories, and play politics all day long.

We need to fix this. God bless Donnie for getting the ball rolling. I just hope that we can work together on this. None of this, "Yeah, make sure you cooperate with the inspectors (wink-wink)". I don't know when the OSHA people will show up. Wish me (us) luck.


I was in purchasing, and buying for inventory can be a killer. Unfortunately our software wasn't "real time" so I;d get in trouble for not ordering enough when we showed 10,000 units and we only had 10. Then there was the forklift driver who drove off a loading dock and got a promotion to management where he wouldn't be any trouble.:grin:
That's BS and I am sorry that it had to go to this level. It should be dealt with, but this is why there are inspectors! I bet it is stressful though. Hope they come soon and someone should take Donnie out for a beer and stand next to him as the management tries to bully. Good luck! And hope nothing falls!
Yeah, some jobs cut all types of corners and some of the corners actually bleed...

If safety is a concern, I'd report it, BUT I'd do so in a way I could be assured was as anonymous as possible. Never believe anyone when they say they won't tell. (about as bad as believing the "off-record" thing)

Hope all goes well.

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