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Cider with an Irn Bru top.

What a day;

This place, this town, my town. Jinxed cursed or what? A "Carnival Committee" strives to preserve an age old tradition and it hangs on, just. All through August and into September, with the very odd grey-day and some rain, the weather had been glorious. The Carnival time and date had been set for 2.00. pm. Saturday September the 3rd. Seemed reasonable but you can't pre- arrange the weather and yes, the rains came, it lashed down.
The day had started dry but it had been dull and overcast. Small patches of blue had broken up the the grey sky and really, it might have gone either way but by midday it was raining. Very light rain, little more than drizzle but the die, it would seem had been cast. It was almost as though the elements and conspired against them and the timing was perfect.
As the bells of St.Peter's chimed one the rain got heavier, and at two, as the carnival approached the roundabout in the center of town, i do believe that the skies expressed their total disapproval of such a thing.
From where i stood, some thirty or forty metres away, under a tree on the green, the proceedings were barely visible. A band of pipers piped but they had come prepared donning black capes and in spite of everything made a pretty good show it.
A troupe of children dressed as cheer-leaders bless 'em, oh dear, they were drenched.
The Carnival Queen, perched on a dressed up fold away seat, smiled and waved as she and her attendants sat on a small trailer towed by " Tim's Electricals " rust-bucket of a ford transit slowly made it's way up the High Street.
There were a few dolled up curtain sided lorries and trailers bringing up the rear but it wasn't pretty. I'm sorry but it wasn't. By three-thirty of course the rain abated but the damage was done.

And so, to today, when i looked out of my bedroom window at around ten it was raining, not heavily but it may well have been raining for hours. Everywhere looked soaked. I would be going out to buy a newspaper and a cheap bottle of Cider sometime but that could wait. I had things to do. Jacket-spuds to cook and a Savoy cabbage. Wash and brush-up. I don't do things in a hurry.

At midday it was raining, well, spotting. I stepped out and headed for town. Posters advertised a "church fete" at St.Peter's. Would you believe it? I got my Daily Mail and went to get a cheapo bottle of Cider. I HAD intended to get a bottle of Pear Cider but there was none to be had. It would have to be Apple Cider which is almost akin to drinking vinegar. If i bought a bottle of lemonade to take the edge off it well then it wouldn't be cheap would it. As you guys quaintly put it, i did the math and to a cheapskate like me it didn't add up. What the hell, i'd add a drop water.

The wife said " we got a can of Irn Bru here that nobody seems to want". "Yeah, why not?" I thought.

Cider, with an Irn Bru top. It aint so bad.O:)



Man, I know what you mean about cider, both alcoholic and regular!

My friend works at an orchard just outside town. They have the most amazing apples, cider, and donuts there. Used to go as a kid and feed the farm animals, and pick apples or pumpkins with my grandparents. And the last couple years before I got my current job, I'd supervise kids on inflatable bounce-houses there in autumn.

Well, he lives in a nice little house on the orchard's property for free, and me and my bud Rob visit him often. He's always got some Jim Beam Red Stag that we mix with the apple cider that they make fresh there.

Angry Orchard hard cider is very good as well. It's a nice break from my usual Blue Moon or Sam Adams. Speaking of the latter, I can't wait to get my hands on some Oktoberfest. And then some good ol' Molson Canadian. That Irn Bru soft-drink sounds interesting though; really want to try it!

Oh how I love fall. ^_^
Irn Bru tastes like spearmint gum to me, certainly wouldn't recommend it as a mixer but it was all i had. It took the edge off the cheap Cider anyway.
Well done you. Those wives are useful things. Mine reminds me of things i really should have thought of first time around
yes to pear cider. Me i like the mexican beer Desperados. It has a tequila aspect to it. I always get two from the fridge saves a walk as the first one leaves you wanting another and i am cutting back on needless exercise

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