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Christmas Dinner 2020

Christmas Dinner 2020

by brightonsauce

dr1, 20 minutes, will transform toward great novel, in literature. Group gargle scene is presently in progress…

Christmas Dinner 2020

Ethel and Frank stood in the porch, the many wrapped gifts at their feet.

‘Well Ethel, finally, and finally the opportunity to dispense these fine boxes from Amazon.’

‘From Santa,’ chided Ethel. ‘We made it, Honey for Christmas with the family.’

‘Knock knock,’ cried Frank, musically.Three minutes passed. Snow swirled around their overcoats: a snow-shaker seen [scene], Ethel’s antlers on her head.

‘Ho ho ho,’ said Frank.

The door handle twisted. David, their son-in-law, greeted the olds stood in the hallway. ‘Come in, come in, I was having a cigarette out the yard.’

The old people shuffled beyond David, hands emburdened by the straps, hoops, boxes of delights for the little people. David coughed, green fog enveloped grandparents.

‘One of your herbal cigarettes.’ said Frank sensing blisters on his cheeks.

‘Grandma!’ cried thirty-five children. They rushed the corridor, and spat over grandma.

‘Mommy!’Susannah stirred a thick gravy at the hob. She slurped, ‘mmm,’ she said, hurled apron to the tiles.‘Moms, try my sauce.’It was an unfortunate movement, what with the children in the hallway, and the spoon taking flight. Gravy spattered over Granny’s eyes and upon her chin.

‘Let me help you with that…’ said David. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket , dabbed forcefully around Granny’s features, licking the rag for application, he said.

‘We’ll take your coats, put them with the others. Take a seat fireside. The children have so many stories to tell from school. Their teacher died, y’know?’

‘Really,’ said Grandma.

‘A drink, Dad?’

‘The bottle,’ said Frank.

Susannah’s eyes met the gaze of her husband. His eyebrows arched in his traditional disapproval.

‘Come meet the neighbours…’ said David.


Dreadful error in final 2 clauses had to go...as I said in Masterblog...only requires 200 filler words, a storyline, and ending.

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