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First Goal of 2019 ACHIEVED!

After many years of 'intentions to do it" and finally getting to it this year- CHOICES IS ONE.

The first version was written in 2000 & submitted to my instructor on February 21, 2000) as the piece for assignment 4 with Long Ridge Writers Group (now Institute for Writers). The assignment was to write a new story between 750 - 1,500 words. The version I submitted at the time had 1,000 words.

I then revisited this piece for assignment # 7 in 2014. The assignment was to revise a previous piece. I was able to expand on this piece and boy did it grow. I reached 1,400 words.

This month, I resolved that I was going to polish this piece for publication. I found the publisher, an e-zine that looks very promising. And this month I made some edits. Tonight, since I couldn't sleep, I made the final edits- a few technical details- nothing major.

The final word count is 1,460 words. I've gone in and updated the content in the post for anyone who'd like to read it.

It feels good to finally have something DONE.

As always - I'm open for remarks, reviews, reactions, and "constructive criticism"



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