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Child Labour

I don’t blame the kid. I really don’t. Gretta Thunberg is just another emo pawn being used by intellectually lazy ideologues. Those same folks use pictures of drowning polar bears and photo shopped pics of cities under water to scare people. I’m not saying bears don’t drown, or sea levels won’t increase an inch in 100 years. I am saying it’s a dishonest way to start a conversation.

Zealots on that side will use a kid, including your own, to “guilt” you into action. I’m sorry, but a histrionic driven “call to action” by a celebrity teenager is not policy. It’s isn’t even the opening of a dialogue. It is simply theater.

Questioning this religious-like faith is borderline heresy. The dogma is so thick, any questioning of dictatorial policy regarding climate is simply dismissed as “denying”. It helps some folks feel better about themselves. Feeling morally superior and smug is preferable to the hard work of thinking, reasoning and developing a sane environmental policy.

If you care to take a brief foray outside of the virtue signaling safe space, consider the following:

I am not willing to fully embrace the “science” that dictates we can accurately predict global weather decades from now. Local weather forecasts are still 50 / 50 in accuracy two weeks out, with the best computers available modeling. But, if man-made climate change is warming the planet, it may not be a bad thing. Within the next century, there is a statistical probability that a natural event such as a massive volcanic eruption may cause a period of global cooling. We are also due for a cyclical sunspot cycle called a Mandaur Minimum, where temperatures have been proven to drop. Not theorized, or computer modeled… proven.

The point is that The Earth is not some static laboratory model that is isolated from outside variables. Of course, if you want a specific set of outcomes, all you have to do is manipulate the set of input data. They did this in the 1970’s, when all the scientists agreed we were heading into a century of a new Ice Age.

But Greta and her puppeteers play off your upper-middle class guilt. Back when Al Gore was offering up his “carbon credits” scheme, it’s all been a bit like paying off Middle Ages “indulgences”. You sin, so you must make amends. It’s your lifestyle that is “killing” the Earth.

At last count, there are around 7.5 billion people on this planet. How much hubris must the average Westerner have to think that switching to a reusable grocery bag will “save the planet”? A vast majority of those billions of people are in India and China. And they use whatever bag they feel like. How uncivilized.

Out there in The Real World, people understand basic economics. If they can make a product cheaper using coal, or burning trees, they will. So we have this brilliant idea to “subsidize” (bribe) countries into using energy sources that we like. Kyoto was a joke. They will take money from “Developed” nations, build one show-off plant, then continue their polluting ways. Because it’s cheaper. And because we’re suckers.

Personally, that’s the main thing that sticks in my craw. We provide the logistical, informational and financial structure for the world to do business. Yes, it uses energy, and generates some waste. But the average world citizen (including little Greta) benefit greatly from the years of investment and painstaking maintenance of the system. Now, the Kings of Smart (mostly academics that never even ran a lemonade stand) want to tell government and business how to manage things. Like energy and industrial policy.

You’ll have to excuse my skepticism. Info presented as projections and CGI videos submitted by academics, paid for by politicians with a societal control agenda, is not compelling to me. If you are asking, demanding, that anyone makes drastic lifestyle changes, you’d better bring more to the table than some melting ice and a crying Swedish girl.

The hyperbolic claims of imminent climate death don’t help. According to Al Gore, we should already be dead. AOC says we only have 10 years left. This scaremongering does absolutely nothing to move policy towards more rational, clean energy choices.

I’m going to drop the bomb here: Of course, the climate is changing! Modern humans have had some impact on it. But anyone who does not swallow the entire climate catastrophe bucket of swill is immediately dismissed as anti-science, partisan, and ignorant.

Honestly, like most Liberal causes, it really appears that the powers that be don’t want to fix this problem. We keep getting solutions that can’t work and solve nothing. We get ominous threats that evaporate every time like a morning mist in the sun. We get labeled, and shamed. Because, this issue is valuable as a crisis that can be used to manipulate the public. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

There’s a lot we can discuss regarding population growth and distribution. About resource management and allocation. About the roles of government, business and the individual in global climate policy. Energy production, and waste management. But what we can’t do is to continue to make this some kind of moral crusade. If you want the antithesis of efficiency, continue to promote shame and bullying as primary motivators.

All I’m seeing is a bunch of opportunistic hypocrites. People that fly private jets to climate conferences, instead of conference calling. People that drive limos to fundraisers to “save the planet”. People that claim our coastal cities will all be underwater, but buy homes in Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles. I also hear the shrill gasps of their apologists, that are too afraid to step forward and point at the Emperor’s New Clothes. But they are brave enough to tell me to buy a Prius.

All you Climate Change alarmists: I do not take you seriously, because you do not take yourself seriously. If you did, you would have at least try to implement a global accord that would work. And not use kids and animals to scare people. And not be flaming hypocrites. We have problems, not a looming “catastrophe”.

You are worse than Chicken Little. Your alarmism stifles innovation, growth and developments that would make the world a better place for all Humankind. You do it for personal profit, emotional gratification and the need to control others. Freedom has no place in your world, because a snail darter might die.

There’s still time to walk this back from the abyss. A true coalition of government, business and human rights groups could come up with some nifty solutions. Or, y’all could just fly your private jets to Davos again, and try to dictate what everyone on Earth should do.
I can already hear the compressor blades spinning.


'No Blade Of Grass' 1970............A film from a book written 15 years earlier. About pollution and world starvation.

'Yellow Taxi' 1970..............Joni Mitchell.......Song about cars and building every where 'Urbanisation'

'Crazy Horses' 1972............The Osmonds............Song about pollution.

'This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us' 1974.........Sparks.......Song about over population.

'Never turn your Back On Mother earth' 1974..............Sparks...........song about the destruction of the planet by humans.

'Burn Baby Burn' 1974...........Hudson & Ford..........Song about the burning of the rain forests.

'Mama Nature Said' 1973.......Thin Lizzy.......Song about destroying planet.

Just a few of the things I remember from my early teenage years when it was popular then to bang on about the environment and I believed to be all true back then and worried me to death.

The movement faded away for about 10 years or more when they told us the ice caps would melt if we didn't stop using deodorant because the ozone layer (we had never heard of) was depleted and if the ice caps didn't melt we would have to stay indoors.

Since then people have discovered a way to make mega bucks from all this. Even worse corrupt political people have realised a way to tax hard workers even more to line the pockets of themselves and friends.

Some species since then have gone or are in trouble. Since the early 70's the population of the planet isnt far off doubling.

The answer it seems is just to tax people or take away their wealth some other way. Nobody restricts babies or offers out free contraception which 'is' the cause of all the stuff they keep banging on about.

Now we have young Greta at 16 who knows it all and how we all must live and we must listen too and change our lives now!!!!.

If she was just a few months younger she would be 15 and not able to make adult decisions being a minor. Funny old world innit?
Old Dr Spock was telling us about the worlds destruction in 1978 when .....wait for it......'SCIENTISTS' ........yes ......'SCIENTISTS'........were trying to scare us to death because all of their evidence collected was telling them we are all doomed because of...............an impending ....'Ice Age'.

T'was only 40 years ago!!!

Talk about blowin hot & cold.

Biro;bt14919 said:
Old Dr Spock was telling us about the worlds destruction in 1978 when .....wait for it......'SCIENTISTS' ........yes ......'SCIENTISTS'........were trying to scare us to death because all of their evidence collected was telling them we are all doomed because of...............an impending ....'Ice Age'.

T'was only 40 years ago!!!

Talk about blowin hot & cold.

Well, we know Vulcans can't lie. But they can be wrong. Just like well compensated, tenured "public servants" that have significant skin in the game.

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