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Chicken Little Grow Up

I'm not young anymore, and I never remember when we all got along. In fact, we never had.

But now, it's all "the world is going to end" bull feces. Get over it, and your over emotional self. Set down your torch, throwing rock and inane, worthless protest sign. Your outrage and tantrums will change nothing. It's mental masturbation. And it's making you blind.

Because if you open your eyes, there is good news.

Many of you want to have it both ways. Trump is a "dangerous ignorant outsider" and also "a Republican tool". He is both, and neither. I know the Twitterverse is ablaze with stories on how the diabolical President Elect will eat babies over a Satanic cauldron in his first 100 days. But stop and think. How many Republicans actually supported the man? Supposedly, with a Republican House and Senate, there will be a new Dark Ages in the United States? I think not.

He is a political neophyte, that does not understand how to get things done. Even when he figures it out, he has pissed-off enough "allies" to make any progress difficult at best. His ideas are mostly NOT mainstream conservative ideals. He'll have to learn political "horse trading" to get anything done. This means, that his most extreme positions will only make it to law IF they get watered down significantly first. That's how the system works.

Friction is built into our government. It's there for a reason. It makes it difficult to get things done. Some of you cry about "gridlock". I smile at the firewall against tyranny.

Speaking of that, just how many of you think that Trump will get away with all those illegal "executive actions" like Obama did? Trump is white, unpopular and does not have a lap-dog media covering his six. If he tries ANYTHING like Obama's famous "Pen and Phone" bit, everyone will be on him like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat.

You WILL NOT wake up tomorrow in a Fascist state. It's just that some guy you intensely don't like will be President. He'll probably be a real sucky, inept, one-term loser. But it will not be the end of the world. And the good news is that late-night TV will have four years of rich material to satirize.

Your gal didn't make it. Get over it. Life goes on.


This was a great blog! I agree and I thought the same thing about the plethora of comical material. Plus the ministers/priests are all being put back to work again!
Disagreed with a couple points, but on the whole we share the same perspective on this.
i've never met a billionare and i've never met a starving person but i've seen plenty of sheep and cows in the fields just doin their thing....but i prefer the ants..there so human...
escorial;bt8044 said:
i've never met a billionare and i've never met a starving person but i've seen plenty of sheep and cows in the fields just doin their thing....but i prefer the ants..there so human...

Are we the ants? Or the sheep "doin' our thing"?
escorial;bt8052 said:
man gave name to all the animals.....it's a bugs life

Are you familiar with the Chinese saying "The nail that sticks up gets hammered."?

Ants keep a low profile.
You know, sometimes we're sheep.

Sometimes we're *this*.

/\ The only problem is that I hear Insectopia just elected some goofy ant that promised to build a wall and deport all non-native insects.

Unless you're a PhD and are willing to work for pennies on the dollar. Then Insectopia has a special H1B visa for you.

So many of the educated bugs are moving north to Arachniland. It's all so crazy. Making a mountain out of an anthill.
There's plenty of violent riots going around the country, because "democracy is great until it doesn't go my way". And for how supposedly diverse these safe-space universities and their students are, they sure do ban a lot of people from speaking.

You can cherry-pick either side all day.
amsawtell;bt8084 said:
No, it isn't what Trump may do that we fear. It's things like this: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/1...tacks-on-muslim-students-at-universities.html and this http://www.euronews.com/2016/11/11/ku-klux-klan-to-hold-trump-victory-rally.

There's more but I don't have the time to go and search it out for you.

Sorry. I just don't see 49.5% of the U.S. voting population being evil people. Nor are they puppets having their strings pulled by the evil genius Donald Trump.
There always are, and always will be bad people out there, looking for an excuse to commit evil acts. There are bad people along the entire length of the political spectrum.

Yet, as naive as it sounds, most people are good. Yes, even the ones that voted for the guy you don't like. The nutz are a fraction of a percent. I refuse to give the crazies any power by acknowledging that they have any sway over public discourse, or our daily lives.
When Nazis or KKK hold a rally, there are maybe 50 of them. The counter protests number in the thousands. That's because we will always outnumber the bad guys.

And this whole "guilt by (very tenuous 7 degrees to Kevin Bacon) association" has to stop. Henry Ford and Margaret Sanger were both proponents of racial eugenics, yet if you drive a Ford Focus while picking up your birth control, that does not make you a racist. Or does it? You are supporting their ideas...
You don't make any allies, or convert "moderates" by scaring people. You just get everyone more angry than they already were.
And just like with feminism, Black Lives Matter, anti-gun, and many other things, it doesn't do a cause justice when a lot of these alleged crimes have been faked.


"If you fabricate crimes, point a finger at your political enemies, and use the media to disseminate the lie to create panic and sow discontent in society, you belong in jail. You own all of the violence and riots that result. Inciting violence is a crime, and you aren't excluded from this law regardless of your political or religious views."

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