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I've always enjoyed a game of chess..played it at school and with my son...the thing that always struck me is that the king is most important piece but the queen the more powerful player....one would have thought that these roles would have been reversed considering man's attitude to woman over time or was it that the game was designed and played by women before men...how would the world have shaped up if woman had took there place as leaders and thinkers....Christopher hitchens qoute when woman become empowered the world will change for the better..


Initially, the queen and the king moved similarly. The power was added to the queen later.

"The 10 Most Important Moments in Chess History -Chess.com https://www. chess.com/.../the-10-most-... Jul 28, 2014 ... It wasn't until around 1450, though, that chess saw its most radical change: the mad queen. Hoping to make the game faster and more enjoyable, some players tweaked the rules to allow ..."
i bought a chess set the other day an i've beat myself twice and won twice..once black and once white...never thought that one out
There's chess programs. I think a Windows Vista computer I once had access to came with a simple chess program. You might be able to get one (chess program) fairly cheap. Or look for a chess club. Start a chess club!

I find that enough people are interested in chess that if you get out a chess set anywhere that has people walking by, someone will show an interest.
I DO envy people who play chess. I simply don't have the attention-span and/or powers of concentration for that. I wish I did.
yeah....i reckon sitting there with a chess board ready would get some to play with you in the park or cafe..cool...i use to go around the city chalking around shadows and that use to get a few people looking on...
Like those chat-cafe's in France. I would love to have experienced something like that. Just being there, wow!
You'd have to be pretty selective of "men's treatment of women" over history to draw such a conclusion, and often warp interpretations while you're at it.

But anyway, I'll stick to checkers. I don't have the time or desire to learn chess. Many of the video games I play are plenty complicated enough.
Desire...now there's a guy in touch with his femmin side..an he wasn't a 80's man...I find some words very femmin..seduce,giggle..but I'm an 80's guy who did wear a shell suit and this gives me the passion(that's another one) to champion women's rights...

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