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My daughter has a boyfriend.
I took him out shooting, talked about my time in The Marines, and inferred a nasty anger management issue that randomly surfaces. I think we have an understanding.

He's a good kid, maybe too good. So I have trust problem. It's just that everyone I knew at that age made Jeff Spicoli look like a choir boy. Of course, most of my old friends have done time, and some are dead. Yada yada yada.

Anyway, my daughter met "Kurt" in band. Yep, band geeks. Kurt's percussion, so he's a bad boy. He's also scary smart. This kid had been asked to intern at some fancy teaching hospital back east this summer. My daughter is dreading being separated from her hunka hunka burning nerd. Revenge, being both sweet and savory, has driven my daughter to action.

She's now decided that she wants to get a degree in chemistry. She could never stand taking the back seat, even to her lovey-dovey. The more I see those two together, the more they remind me of Howard and Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory. I hope Kurt has some idea of what he's in for. I'm not the one he should be frightened of.

Better Living Through Chemistry? My daughter tells me that a Bachelors Degree in chemistry will qualify you to wash beakers and stack petri dishes. She'll need at least a Masters, probably a Doctorate. How am I supposed to pay for this?! Anyone want to buy a kidney?


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