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Cheap cider and doing something nice,

Actually the cider wasn't so cheap. And the nice thing? Well? It wasn't exactly life changing but it did give me a modicum of pleasure. Okay! So i'm "on the box" ( certified unfit for work ) right now. I will have been quite sometime without income, and maybe i shouldn't be wasting money on drink but one brown plastic 2ltr bottle every now and then isn't going to bring the dither empire to it's knees ( fingers crossed ) and i refuse to feel bad about it.
It had been a couple of days since my last slurp so i went up to my local %£$)*&"! store right on the edge of town and took charge of one brown plastic bollie. Nothing remarkable about that, i know.

Leaving the shop i walked out onto the main road. Looking ahead, i could see a young woman, waiting for a bus. She was, oh i don't know, late twenties perhaps, reasonably attired i suppose, and as i approached she spoke to me.

"Excuse me, have i missed the bus do you know?"
" I don't know, when's it due?"
I replied, wiping raindrops of the perspex covered timetable.
"Oh i don't know, i can't work them things out."
"Well, according to this it's about ten minutes late. I don't know what these buses are like, you know what's going to happen, you'll walk away and it'll thing turn up."
I studied the the timetable for the next bus arrival time.
"According to this, assuming that the you have missed the bus, you have about twenty minutes to wait."
"Oh i'll go back round my mum's and get the next one."
Then as we both walked away she said " what time did you say the next bus comes?" and we both burst out laughing. Can you imagine that? I couldn't have. Must have been all of thirty seconds since i'd told her and we'd totally forgotten so i ran back to the stop.
"Ha'ha'ha, 15.18."
"Okay, thanks."
With that she was gone and for a moment i actually felt quite pleased with myself.

Life eh?

Okay, so it's silly it's whimsical and it happened.



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