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Chapter Twenty

Having only 1100 words to reach my goal for the novel, I wrote a bit over, but not by much. I managed to dispose of the villain, and finish with a meaningful scene that choked me and my wife both up, again. Not being satisfied with that, I added a bit in the middle which will do that, too. So if you read the original book, you may tear up twice. If you then read my sequel, I may get you three times. ;-)

My wife was eager to hear the ending, and now she's eager for me to finish my first read through and run it through the proofreading app so I can put it on her Kindle. I've done the first eleven chapters through the afternoon and evening, then I should have about three days in the app. So far it seems pretty clean in the read through, so I may give it to her before I run it through the app.

I wound up not including the 'surprise at the end' which would lead to another sequel. That surprise would have had to end the book, but the moving scene that chokes you up had to end the book. So if I write a 'sequel to the sequel', that surprise will have to lead the next volume. I mentioned before, unless I roll the boxcars it would take to get this published, I'm not sure I see writing another 80-100k words 'just for fun'. But maybe I would. I mentioned in the last blog that I've learned a lot if I only regard this as a valuable exercise.

Would you trade 16 days to make a major leap in your writing confidence? If you ever get that chance, you'd better take it.

Sixteen days to write and finish an 83K world novel. I would never have believe I could do that. Even having done it, it seems unreal.

By the way, I am enjoying the read on this revision pass. I'm not having to make too many revisions. I found and fixed two continuity issues, and I moved a bit of exposition to a different spot in the first chapter. I've added a sentence here and there, and I've deleted a sentence or a phrase here or there. But overall, this book is far more clean than the manuscript I completed on May 17th.

So, does anyone want to pipe up with some advice on how to get a recalcitrant estate to consider granting a license on a property? LOL


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