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Chapter Thirteen

After writing twelve pretty easy chapters, and bragging to everyone in sight at my incredible productivity on this WIP, I came to Chapter Thirteen. Being a lifelong contrarian, it's a number I don't fear.

And as opposed to the last few chapters where I typed the chapter heading and had nothing specific in mind for 'what happens next', I knew a lot about what should happen next in Chapter Thirteen. It's possible I knew too much. I sat, and I sat. Then I took a nap. In fairness, I hadn't signed off on Chapter Twelve until five in the morning, took a while after that to wind down, and then only slept until nine. Being tired may have contributed, but it doesn't always.

While I was laying down, waiting for the nap to take hold, I had a funny idea (yes, amusing) about a turn the story could take before the things I had planned happened. I expanded on some activities from Chapter Twelve, and starting in the late afternoon (finally) I started pecking out some dialogue to start Thirteen. For some reason, dialogue always primes my pump, and the story kept coming. Finally, about one this morning, I was about 400 words from my quota for the chapter. (more on that in a later blog, for the people who are going to question "Quota for a chapter, what is that?") I needed a couple of strong paragraphs of exposition to update about side action the heroes had been tracking, and that took care of that.

On reflection this morning, I need to add one more thought to the MCs' thinking to polish it up. It's something he should have considered, and most readers should notice he did not were I to leave it out.

So today I face Chapter Fourteen with still the same story to write I was supposed to have written yesterday. Let's hope it comes a bit more easily, because I don't have another chapter of surprise, surprise before this next action. And I'm stubborn. I've written at least a chapter a day since starting this book, sometimes two. I fear letting that pace slip, getting busy on other things, and then a month from now I'm still looking at a chapter title with a few chapters left.

But I don't think that will happen. I think I'll start out with some dialogue. ;-)


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