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Chapter Sixteen

I got a slow start on Chapter Sixteen. It was strangely like my report on Thirteen. I knew a lot about what should happen in Sixteen, but a lot of it was more relaxed activity than the last two chapters, which were full of tense action.

I finally got started mid-afternoon, and by early evening I had a thousand words. My wife taunted me with the conclusion I wouldn't get a full chapter in, but this chapter came in thousand word segments, and I got in three more, finally finding another line that had to end a chapter.

In the last segment of the chapter, I introduced a tense cat and mouse struggle where a slow freighter outmaneuvers a fast frigate (in space) to escape. Not a spoiler. If they don't escape there wouldn't be chapters seventeen through twenty. ;-)

But it was one of those days where inspiration didn't flow like the previous 8500 word two chapter day.

My plan for this novel is 82K words in twenty chapters, which will approximate the word count in the novel I'm following. I like that as a tribute. (See my first blog).

I've done sci-fi in shorter work before, but this is my first full-length novel in the genre, which surprises me, since I'm a ardent sci-fi fan. But I've published heroic fantasy up to now. I think it's because I can force feed anything I want into fantasy. Sci-fi tech takes a lot more research and is subject to more scrutiny.

Four chapters to go. Will I wrap up the first draft on Wednesday? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion. LOL


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