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Chapter Seventeen, and part of Eighteen

Chapter Seventeen came pretty easily, but still drug out through the afternoon and evening. It wrapped up some plot questions from the last several chapters. There were a lot of events I had plotted, but were mystery to the reader. So I wrapped up the loose ends.

Then I had a happy event, followed by a description of how Faster Than Light travel works in that story's universe. That part was tricky, because the author I'm following made some brief statements about it without going full throttle to a specious technical explanation. I helped him out there. Here's my favorite part of that section:

"However, the same power plant drives the supra-luminal engine against the ship’s mass, even though the supra-luminal engine is barely more than a figment of the crew’s imagination. You could only physically see the engine at supra-luminal speeds ... at sub-light, its compartment would remind you of a smoky room."

I had to edit this some to keep from giving people clues to the author, or the work I'm 'sequeling'. But I think he'd be proud of me claiming that the drive system is "barely more than a figment of the crew’s imagination". It amuses me, and I think it would have amused him. I went on to give a few paragraphs to explain this bizarre statement. My wife thought it sounded "weird". However, with my deep technical understanding of the principles of non-relativistic faster than light travel, I had to assign her lack of understanding to "being cute", and move on.

The major issue came at the start of Chapter Eighteen. I had to kill off a couple of family members--not in anyway a significant part of my content--but I've read the original novel enough to feel some attachment. I had tears streaming. It's only the third time I've choked myself up with something I wrote, and the first time I had tears streaming.

As I read it back to my wife, my voice cracked enough to make it hard to get through the passage. Her eyes turned red, too. Evidently, I wrote it effectively.

But ... the author of the original work would have done the same thing in the same way, I'm sure, and I feel proud to have lived up to his style.


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