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Chapter Nineteen and almost done

The day before I decided in general how my villain would be defeated. Yesterday I had to think up the details. As it turned out, I only needed to describe two phases of the program in detail, starting with the elimination of his main lieutenant. I was worried I had more story yet to tell than the word count I had in mind for the total novel length. It doesn't look like that will be much of a concern. I wound up with enough room to write a couple of scenes capable of setting up another book in the series.

I finished the evening 1100 words shy of my target. Why do I have a hard limit? Because that will hit the approximate word count of the original novel, and in my mind that is a nod to the original. My wife was surprised I didn't manage to bang out the last scene or two, but in truth, I fell asleep at the keyboard while I was pondering the next scene. I woke up groggy, and I wanted to be sharp for the ending.

I'll be done in another hour or two of writing, and then the work starts. If the routine matched my last novel, I've got a read through for continuity, sentence revisions, and any typos I spot. Then I run it through the proofreading app I wrote. For 80K words, that takes about three days of elapsed time, as I look at it one random sentence at a time. Then a (hopefully) final read through just to check I didn't miss anything on the first two passes.

These aren't actually the first two passes through the material. After I write a scene, I read it back, then I read it to my wife. I always make a few corrections and catch some typos there. When I start a new chapter, I read the last chapter first. So I've gone over all the content three times in pieces by the time I finish the first draft, and have made revisions. For example, last night I changed the sex of one character, requiring a change of name and pronouns in the few chapters 'she' appears.

So now I need a scene that polishes off the villain, a reverie providing a lesson from a dead mentor, and one shocking line to cement the path of the sequel. Planning ahead. If I get lucky and by some miracle DO get to publish this, it will sell, and I enjoyed writing it so much, in that case it would be silly not to replicate having fun plus selling again.


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