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Chapter Eighteen and part of Nineteen

Chapter Eighteen was a series of meetings to wrap up a few more loose ends, followed by the MC planning how to deal with his bete noire.

It all came pretty easily, and into activity in Chapter Nineteen, which I actually got about 40% through.

Now I have one worry. I'll be at least halfway through Chapter Nineteen with still plenty of work to resolve the struggle the book started with. I was supposed to finish Chapter Twenty by tomorrow and finish the first draft, and a few people are eagerly waiting to read this. The pressure on on ;-), but the game may go into overtime.

The best part about this project is that after 50 or so years of yearning for the rest of this story, I'm having more fun writing this than anything else I've ever written. I had to put my imagination into high gear to not only give a suitable feel for the author's original work and style, but add my own to both build on his foundation and transcend it.

In my first blog I speculated that I'll never be able to publish this work, as I think the odds are long against the author's estate authorizing that, even though the estate would receive a royalty. So my reason to write this novel was to scratch my own itch for the sequel. I can now see another benefit I didn't imagine two weeks ago. This writing exercise has taught me a lot about my writing, and elevated my level. By writing an 80K+ word novel in two weeks plus a day or two, it's proved to me that with enthusiasm for the project + dedication + discipline, I can be both creative and productive on a daily basis. I'm averaging 5875 words per day.

I've never considered myself to be a professional author, although in my first business, I was writing 5-10K words of original fiction a day. For most of my career I've been a software developer (hence my focus on productivity goals). I've written when I had the chance or the urge.

I believe after this experience, I'll continually have the urge, and I'll force the chances. Despite enjoying writing my previous novels, they seemed more like a chore to accomplish a lifelong goal of being a published author, rather than something I did because I really enjoyed it -- the satisfaction was reaching the goal, not producing the work.

The novel I had just completed had a bit more of enjoying the writing. This one has just been a ball. I've gotten up every day eager to continue the story. I hope that lasts through everything I write from now on.


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