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CBD Oil...

Supposed to be good for aches and pains. Apparently.
Marijuana with the enjoyment taken out.
Well? I've been and gone and bought some cbd oil capsules.
Will be collecting them next week and hope/intend to start taking them towards the end of next week. I'm not working next week.

So, in case anybody out there is interested/curious like me I shall let you know how it goes.
Right now I'm just hoping that I don't get any sort of reaction to it.... and.... we shall see.:)


tinacrabapple;bt13087 said:
It's helpful, but expensive. It also doesn't seem to last very long.

I paid £35 for 60 ( take one a day ) (I prefer to think of it as 58p per capsule. You can't buy a cup of tea for that. ) capsules. Yes it's expensive. But if it works..... If I live to see retirement well then it won't matter but right now I could use a little help. 60 Should a be fair enough length of time ( two months just about ) for me to find out if they can help.

We shall see.
Sublingual CBD drops have helped naturally alleviate any aches, pains, and anxiety I have. It isn't a miracle cure but the fact that it helps as much as it does is nothing to scoff at. Definitely recommend everybody give it a try as long as it is legal for you to do so. Note: this is anecdotal evidence, not a recommendation from medical professionals, don't hit me with the ban-hammer k thx.

I highly doubt you're going to have any sort of "reaction" other than feeling tired. So I'd advise not taking it first thing in the morning, or really at any time besides before bed.

Prices will probably go down as marijuana becomes more legalized. I understand there's less than a percent of THC content in lab-grade CBD, but marijuana being criminalized makes everything CBD way more difficult to obtain, and pricey as a result.

Thank the drug crusades for a 99% harmless, natural plant with legitimate (and yet undiscovered) health benefits being illegal.
Thanks Smith,

I hope that I shall be able to post a similar view of the stuff. The instructions/dosage advice on the label said " one to be taken 30 minutes before a meal ". I was thinking along the lines of taking it as I'm getting ready for work but I shall be starting them Friday probably. Give the stuff a chance to get into my system and then we shall see.
My aches and pains are at their worst if/when I wake up during the day and actually getting up after a good sleep is sheer hell. Once I'm up and about it eases considerably and apart from my calf muscles feeling totally leaden it isn't so bad. Then walking to and from buses going to work it's just physical and mental tiredness. If there's any chance that it might ease my mind, oh if only. I'm just old I guess. Hoping to get the call today to go and collect.

Thanks again Smith.
Well, if I get a text from them today it will just have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sitting here in just my boxers and sweat is dripping off me.
The heat abated. I got an E-Mail. And I collected my caps. Probably start on them Friday or Saturday.
Here's hoping.
I really hope these capsules kick in this week. I think I've strained a muscle somewhere in my back. Damn the weeds in my front garden.

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