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cats dinner.

mooched around the flat yesterday and decided to go for a walk..coffee in me flask and ham sarney's for dinner..of i went walking straight out the door into docklands and headed into the city centre..all industrial buildings some very old and some new..anyway i noticed a cat down one of the roads that lead of from the main road. Black as soot just sitting in the middle of the road..i walked towards it but when i got close it just kept stairing at me and it never flinched..a big cat as well..I sit on an old victorian bench with a water fountain dated 1855 with the words respite for horses. So i make myself a cup of coffee and throw a piece of ham at the cat who is now sitting looking at me on an old brick wall..he jumps down and eats the ham..next thing about 4 other cats appear and soon my bread and ham sarneys are gone. When they all left as soon as i thought that was one tough black cat and for sure he was wild but beautiful even if his home was derelict warehouses.


the road is called derby road and it goes straight into city centre..you walk past hundreds of years of buildings....takes about an hour without distractions to get to city centre but often i move onto the dockroad and take in the view of the mersey..cheers spartan
walking for hours by myself with me man bag..in it my laptop,pad,pens,pencils,flask and grub..often I will sit for hours drawing or writing stuf..very similar to your stuff in many ways dude.
Bank holiday Monday i'm going back to the place with a few tins of catfood and my swiss army knife....hopefully i can draw a few pictures if the big black cat appears again...so looking forward to it...

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