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Cathedral Sanctuary- Koreatown 12/4/2018


4-terdee am and the water is coming down. I've put on a brew. Waiting...

I was awake already, but I had to get up,
though most likely I will be alone at work, what with the rain.

12:30, I went to bed after we got back from a concert at a cathedral ( Pres'b'teerian...). Ian McCulloch was only ten rows away in a thousand seat hall but I could not tell you a thing he said in between songs except for a word here and there.

The concert was good and people were mostly old, and much fatter than when they'd first heard Echo and the Bunnymen some thirty-years earlier.

We were not allowed to dance in the aisle ( they threatened to shut down the show) but they ( 'we') did dance some for the last three, and I think he was complaining about that ( fascism) though I couldn't be sure, not being a Liverpoolian, which may as well have been Hungarian. He did say one time he couldn't understand whatever audience members were yelling to him, either. Mm...

They sing in American, still speak in whatever dialect. I remember hearing The Stone Roses talking with Steve Jones on the radio, and they were like that, too: sing in American; speak in
Uk (unknown). Great bands...



Ian giving the legendary Wilson the low down has always stuck in my mind...the roses thought they could get of an come back after fall out with record company an then Oasis popped up...
The buzz we're the first to release a single/ep on an independent label...pretty cool stuff
The founder of factory records...proper manc outfit and he was a Northwest journalist who disliked the music of Liverpool and it's people...
Johnny Rotten seen him in Finsbury park were he was brought up...that guy just speaks his mind an I can't recall him ever being wrong from my pov
PIL- It was a great show. He did that spoken-word piece "Religion" about smug priests and statues, and then led it into a chant- we were all chanting F.O.! to anything that people try to feed you - their b.s. manipulation, lies, for their own purposes. Very inspiring. I'd go see them again.
Exhibition on in Liverpool library and they have the original contract for the sex pistols gig in an iconic Liverpool club..Eric's..200 quid for the gig
Video killed the radio star...after that song never put the radio on..went to put my money in a video jukebox in my local pub... walked to the bar and Kyle come on instead of The Jam
Ah.. The un-famous Lifeless Zone, when corporate had finally dialed in Radio to maximize listener retainership where they played each required artists' 1- 3 song catalog, trimmed version as necessary. My radio went off. By coincidence Reagan came in 2 years later. It was a rough time for me.

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