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Carpet-baggers, dot com, and a magnolia tree, some other time perhaps.

I'd been looking forward to this all week. A local farmers market, at a village close by;

An explosion of colour,sights and sounds set to captivate and mesmerise, and fragrances to send the most together person into an absolute dither.

Whiskery old farmers, wives and daughters, stalls laden with an assortment of meats, butters, cheeses, unwashed fresh vegetables, eggs spattered with bird-lime and a feather or three, set out on beds of straw in flat almost basin type wicker baskets ( you know the ones), ginger beers and home-brews perhaps, just a really nice country experience.:surprise:

I wish it had been, I really do, but it wasn't, and I'm so disappointed. What was I expecting? I don't know, but the first thing to greet me was shocking pink, a stall with canvas waist high surround and pointed top with the words cupaliciousuk.com "for that sense of taste and style" emblazoned across the front, whatever.

Another stall-holder had a fascinating array of breads on offer:
Cranberry, Walnut and Sage.
Garlic and Cheese.
Mixed Herbs.
Olive and Rosemary.
Coconut and Curry.

To name but a few.

I almost wish that I wasn't a coeliac.

A home-brewer selling a selection of stouts.

There WAS one stall laden with vegetables and flowers.

And that was just about it. Oh, there was a burger-stall, and I got 3kg of spuds, (soiled unwashed spuds) for two quid.

Some of the marketeers had travelled quite a distance, where's the profit? I wondered.

At least the sun was shining and people WERE out and about.
Families, young and old.
Adolescent girls trying to look like sluts, and boys, wanting to be taken seriously, some things never change.

I had intended to get some sausages from the co-op and just couldn't be bothered.
As luck would have it, a bus pulled up, and I was happy to leave town.

It's been a good year for Magnolia trees apparently, and as the bus left town we passed a corker, growing in the garden of an old cottage, it saved the day.

Some other time perhaps.



I've been thinking;

I suppose the trick , the art, the skill if you like, is to make so much out of what "isn't".

If i'd had a press-badge, or had been there in some other guise, to ask, chat, interview basically, there was probably enough there to compile something quite presentable, but I'm not a "press-person", and although I really would love to, do the chat/interview stuff, one needs a legitimate foundation from which to set about such a task.

And I dither.

Maybe that's where i want be, reporting, but I have no thoughts or desires to become a reporter as in "newspaper reporter".
It would just be nice I consider to be able to travel some, diarize, and some how make a dull time seem interesting.

This summer perhaps.
I wanted to become a newspaper reporter but i changed my mind later i don't i know why or how but i changed it by the way dither what do you do ?
I'm not so sure about my "reporter" comment.

I couldn't do that stuff to order week in week out.

But there's just something about travelling/diarising and some how making it interesting.

The thing is, you need to have lived, it's all about having a wealth of life experiences to draw from, to have the knowledge to make comparisons, I mean, every opinion/viewpoint is a reflection on one experience relative to something similar, that's why I loved Freud.
He had, in his time, tasted catering at the very highest level, and he gone racing at Towcester where the men's urinal was in a small wooden shed with wet mud for a floor.
Okay, you got any plans?
I mean are you aiming for/working towards anything in particular?
and yes you're right we need experience in life and
life is always as our teacher i mean it's always gives us lessons even if it make us face some hard situations but you know we have to learn how to live with it . because it give more experience in life and that's what do we need to move on right? , by the way this is a lesson that i learned it of life .
It is said that life is a cruel teacher, it's hard sometimes.
But it is also said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Translator? You mean languages? What do I think?

I think go for it Amel.

and good luck.

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