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Carolina Winds

Carolina Winds
Every morning, I get up
and get dressed in the
same uniform:
Plaid Shirt, navy blue shorts,
brown belt, Carolina Winds hat,
navy blue apron, white socks,
black shoes, badge, and name tag.
This is the uniform of
every food and beverage
associate working here
Every day in the hot and
Sweaty summer of the year.

But there's a saying on the
Carolina Winds commercials:
"Carolina Winds. Ride On."
What does that mean?
Why do they say "Ride On"?
Do they mean the countless rides?
Carolina Snake, bright
with orange and aquamarine.
Or the Sideburn, big and loud
with its multiple flips.
This is a wonder to me.
The wind sounding like a whip.

Not many people realize
it's hard work maintaining it.
Keeping the park open.
For guests to have the most fun.
Summer picnics everyday.
Southern Feast, on certain days:
Fried Chicken, baked beans, hot dogs,
Potato chips, chocolate chip cookies.
Carolina Cookouts:
They vary depending on
the guests of those picnics.
Taco makings, hamburgers,
Same as the Southern Feast,
Also various ice creams.

Guests at plaza 2 and showplace
and then they gather at the lines
for the food that comes free
after they paid for their tickets.
After all this, you realize:
Did they come for the food?
Did they come for the rides?
Or did they come for the games?
Then again, they came for all.
Nice to see their smiles
from ear to ear as they walk out.
Still wearing food all over themselves.

At the end of the day, I
feel happy to be going home
from being outside allday.
When I get home, I dwell on
what happened during the day:
Was it a good day?
Was it a bad day?
Was it a messy day?
Was it a laughing day?
Either way, I can reflect
what will happen tomorrow
so it will be better for everyone
At Carolina Winds.



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