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Caregiver diary

3:00 am March 31, 2020

Vickie awoke, checked blood sugar: low (58), had to fix quick bfast; heated sausage/egg sandwich we keep in freezer for just these occasions.

3:30 am

I'm still awake, loaded dishwasher, made self bowl cereal, V still awake was cold needed blankets. Temp outside 51f. Heated leftover coffee in microwave.

4:00 am

Both still awake V needed to potty, helped her to b-room and back to bed.

5:00 am

Continuing help, checking laundry

6:00 am

feed dogs, let out to potty

7:00 am

getting agitated myself, take medicine to calm down. finally eat regular breakfast. V still awake, hasn't slept well in several days. Gave her a cowbell sometimes back, she uses it to call me.

7:30 am

medicine taking affect, will try to get some more sleep


It is one of the most exhausting things, to be a care giver... I did that for my husband for over 10 years and until his death... there are good days and tuff days... but I would not allow anyone else to take care of him...I think it is the ultimate act of love...

Hang in there and rest when you can... *hugs*....
Very challenging to be a caregiver, midnight. My thoughts go out to you.

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