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Can't Win For Losin'

Can’t Win For Losin'!
The New Little Princess* (2025)

I run outside
But the rain comes down
Wait for a while
But the sun’s too hot
Wait for the night
But it’s just too dark
[Spoken] No way I’m gonna play outside!
Can’t win for losin'!

I make a lot of money
But there’s too much tax
Get it from the transfer
Give it all back
Try to write my story
But forget the facts
Try to fall in love
But opposites attract

[Spoken] And when I find he's opposite …
Can’t win for losin'!

[Percussion solos – Princess stomps out the beat with her rollers on the stage like tap dancing then rolls out and dances with the audience – then back on stage for]​

Made a lot of money
But we all got robbed
Try to make a speech
And they say ‘Shut your gob’!
Just wanna run home and have a good sob

[Spoken] But I’m on a hydrofoil …
Can’t win for losin'!

Buy a new dress
But it just don’t fit
Spend the whole day
Tryin' to tailor it

Beautiful colours but it looks like shit
Can’t win for losin'!

And people come to me and say, Hey!
Band: Ain’t life wonderful? Princess: Yeah, sure.
Band: Ain’t life wonderful? Princess: Oh, yeah right!
Band: Ain’t life wonderful? Princess: Oh, come on!
Band: Ain’t life wonderful? Princess: [Music stops: shouted] Leave me!

[Percussion starts again]

Can’t win for losing [Princess repeats this line to the end, striking a different pose with each repetition]

END- Princess: 1,2,3,4, Right!

*All copyright in the author of The New Little Princess, Dr Jack Edward Effron


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