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Candy Land: Chapter 4: Gumdrop Jolly

Chapter 4
Gumdrop Jolly

Further up the road was the Gumdrop Bridge and Gumdrop Mountains. Uncle Scott was going along as he was hearing giggling from the Gingerbread people. He looked at the card he had in his hand which said Gumdrop Mountains. Jolly would be happy to see me again, thought Scott. So he continued walking on the curving path and on the big blue gummy but bouncy as Jello Mountain. There on the Gumdrop, Scott heard of a cheerful and sticky song:

Here on My Gumdrop Mountains
Bouncy and gummy like giants
As I play by myself contained
While Lord Licorice enchants.
Have a bite of my home here
In case you get hungry on the way
Be sure I am around without fear
So you would have a fun day.
Would you like to see the King?
There would be trials on the path
Before you would start to sing
Along the way as you do math.
Count your colored boxes here
As you get closer to King Kandy
But beware of the man you should fear.
Since Lord Licorice is not a red pansy.

Scott came to a cave where Jolly was singing his Gumdrop Mountain song. “Hey, Jolly. How’s it been?” asked Scott, as Jolly was doing Hopscotch near the entrance of the cave. Jolly was on one foot when Scott came in and fell down. Scott couldn’t help but laugh at Jolly. “Scott, you’re back. I was wondering when you would be coming back. Da-Da,” stammered Jolly as he lifts himself up, “I wasn’t expecting you today or sometime soon after Lord Licorice scared Charlise, last time I’ve seen you.”
Scott had to laugh again, remembering how Lord Licorice had scared his sister out of the game. His parents had grounded him for about two weeks without any friends over or video games. He didn’t play much with his video games anyway. His parents had told him to stop playing with Candy Land after what had happened. “Yeah, my parents said that I was getting too old playing here. So they took the game away from me and handed it to Charlise who really didn’t play it. I wanted to play it with the grandparents who had the game and everything else before,” stated Scott.
“Oh, that’s what had happened,” said Jolly as he dusted himself off.


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